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International student to Immigrant

Program Benefits:

Study permit:students can work up to 20 hours per week during their regular academic sessions and full-time during scheduled breaks with no need for a work permit

Post-graduation work permit: applying for a post-graduation work permit, which may be valid up to 3 years, rewards international students a chance to work in Canada after graduation.

International graduate category:both federal and provincial government have especially designed an immigration category for international student, each with relatively lower requirements and faster processing times.

Study Planning

Many students ignore the credibility of the educational institution and the importance of choosing the right major, which may result in the failure of getting a post-graduate work permit and the loss of hope for immigration.

At Jumbo, we collaborate with credible local educational institutions and help your plan your study in Canada with professional guidance.

Study Category

1. General Admission

Students who received outstanding academic performance and developed advanced academic English language from high school can directly apply for admission.

2. ESL Program + Conditional Admission

Students who have difficulty getting a satisfying IELTS or TOEFL result can first complete the ESL program and then receive their dream offer.

3. University Transfer Program + Conditional Admission

Students who did not remain a good academic performance in high school can consider taking the University Transfer Program before they transfer to their ideal universities.

4. High School Program + Conditional Admission

Students who did not complete high school outside Canada can apply for a Canadian High School Program and pass the entry exam to enroll at their dream universities.

5. Trade School Program / Diploma Program

Students who prioritize their plan for immigration can spend one to three years in a Canadian educational institution. After graduation, they can then decide whether they should continue their study or get a work permit and start employment.

At Jumbo, we assist you in personalizing an immigration plan that will fit you perfectly based on our up-to-date knowledge and professional evaluation.

Career Planning

Finding a job in Canada may be very difficult for many fresh international graduates let alone landing a job that is valid for immigration application.

At Jumbo, we help you plan your career and get you ready for the job interview.

Immigration Planning

The variety of immigration programs can be confusing to many applicants. Without a solid knowledge of immigration policies and a comprehensive evaluation, choosing the most suitable program is a challenge for most applicants.