I want to travel

Visa Categories:

1. eTA

(1)Visa-exempt foreign nationals to fly to or transit through Canada.

(2)Exceptions: US citizens and holders of a valid visa (such as super visa)

(3)Non-US citizens with permanent resident card need eTA to fly to or transit through Canada without a visa.

(4)Canadian citizens (including dual citizens) and Canadian PR cannot apply for eTA.

2. Visitor Visa

  • Financial support to cover the visit
  • Intent to leave Canada
  • Ties to home country
  • Purpose of the visit: tourism, family visit, business visit
  • (A)Tourism
  • (B) Family visit
  • (C) Business visit
  • (D) Medical visit
  • Travel history
  • Status of home country

3. Super Visa (IMM 5257 Application for TRV) – Additional requirements

  • Invitation letter from child/grandchild promising financial support
  • Inviter meets LICO
  • Medical insurance of $100,000+ for 1+ year from arrival covering health care, hospitalization and repatriation
  • Applicant has to take medical exam

4. Visitor Visa for Returning Student – Requirements

  • Ongoing admission: acceptance letter and tuition receipt
  • Reasonable attendance and progress towards your academic goal: report card/transcript for two years
  • Financial support: bank statement, deposit certificate

5.Visitor Visa for Returning Worker – Requirements

  • Work history: employment record, pay stubs, T4, letter from employer
  • Ongoing employment: letter from employer in letterhead with your position, salary and date of hire