I want to work

LMIA Worker

  • A certificate from a technical secondary school or higher
  • Have work experience in related field
  • Able to communicate in English

At Jumbo, we work closely with local human resources company and assist our clients in building their career plans and achieving their immigration goals.

Caregiver Program

  • Low requirements for applicants

– A diploma from a post-secondary educational intuition or higher
– Able to communicate in English (IETLS 4.5)
– Obtained a caregiver training certificate from a program that lasts more than six months; or have at least one-year work experience in related field

  • Simultaneously achieve your employment and immigration goals
  • High success rate
  • Occupation in-demand
  • Fit a wide range of applications, including international students from all over the word, temporary work permit holders, and accompanying parents of international students


International Experience Canada

  • Working Holiday
  • Or Young Professionals
  • Or International Co-op Internship
  • Only Applies to citizens of certain country/territory including France, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and etc.
  • The one year work experience in Canada can turn into a significant contribution for your future immigration application.

At Jumbo, our close connection with local educational institutions and training schools can benefit you from getting you ready for the application.